Apr 13 2009

Wild Ales: Letting the Right Ones In

I reviewed Avery’s Brabant recently, and the world of sour beers is expanding, but I don’t know if a sour beer can be the next IPA of the beer world.  Those steps are a little steep and narrow. 


I’d love for everyone to enjoy these unique beers, but I also have a secret: I’m OK with them not becoming the next big thing. 



I remember the guys from Mystery Science 3000 Theater being interviewed about their program, and they were asked if they were worried about viewers not understanding their really obscure jokes.  They said that was OK.  That the “right” people will get them.  I’m not being a snob here, I just think not everything needs to go mainstream.  We all, at sometime, have wished our favorite garage band didn’t catch a break and become the next big thing. 


Anyway, Lessley Anderson wrote a nice article about the expanding world of sour ales.  It hits the difficult balance between conveying the right facts, and throwing out the more shocking terms like “moose urine” and “baby diaper”.  It is a much better primer than I could ever write.


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