May 2 2009

Keggle Update 5-3-09: The Welding is Done

Well, the welding is done on the keg.  I decided to stop homebrewing momentarily until I had done the basics to the keggle.  


The top has been removed with a plasma cutter (although some more sanding needs to happen):



The welding of the two couplings was been done for the spigot and thermometer, and I put them on with a little teflon tape:



I filled it with a few gallons of water and it did not leak.  I’ll need to put some ice water in it eventually to insure that the thermometer is properly calibrated.


The keggle will still require some cosmetic work, some sanding and minor fabrication for a way to better pull the cooled wort off the bottom.  Despite that, I am jonesing to use this new toy, and I will likely brew with it tomorrow morning.  


I think I will christen it with a big, hoppy, west coast IPA.  


Is the whirlpool chiller far behind?