Apr 17 2009

Home Grown Hops -Ready for the Trellis

If it has been a warm and rainy April, you need to check up on your hop plants.

Otherwise you walk outside one day to see this:

Those are my Nugget hops. I’ve had them for at least 7 years, and they come up each season without fail and with a vengeance. They look out of control, but it’ll only take me a few minutes to run the trellis strings back down to the ground, cut these shoots back to a few strong vines, and to train them up the first foot or so of string. Later on, I’ll add some more mulch, and then I’ll plant the marigolds around the trellis to ward off insects. I’ve had these hops so long, they barely need me. If they could, they’d probably push me away like a surly two year old until harvest time. Unless I had the hose with me, of course.

The interesting ones are the Cascade hops:

As you can see, they are running behind, which is fine because they are second year hops. I will finally get some cones from them this summer since they had all last year to establish their root system. I’ll have to compare and contrast to two hops as the spring turns into summer…..