Aug 5 2010

Will There Ever Be A New Barlow Brewing Post?

Well, if you are reading this, I guess so.

I’m living up to my self-proclaimed moniker of the Lazy Blogger.

But no excuses.  

I took the family on a trip to Europe, and we visited Orval ruins and as well as the Cantillon brewery. 

I’ve been homebrewing, and I even had a beer and a cider make it to the final round of the Nation Homebrew Competition.

I got to use one of my recipes to brew a batch of beer at Starr Hill for our entry into the Great American Beer Festival’s Pro-Am competition.  As I type this post, it should almost be done fermenting and ready for some dry-hopping.  Let’s just say the same brewing principles apply, but there’s a big difference between brewing 6 gallons of beer and brewing 360 gallons of beer.

I’m in the IronBrewer competition, where a bunch of amazing homebrewers get together and test their brewing prowess and creativity by make beers with three assigned and disparate ingredients. (My round requires the use of centennial hops, vanilla beans and smoked malt.)

I’ve been tackling the new Citra hop, and a Black IPA, and the Leuven yeast strain with my homebrews. And let’s not talk about my continued obsession with making sour beers.

Those things ought to be great fodder for a few blog posts, huh?

I promise they will come.

After the Dominion Cup BJCP competition this weekend, I’ll get back on the horse.