May 19 2009

Upcoming Homebrews 5-19-09 Update

What the heck am I brewing?

The west coast IPA that christened my new keggle is cold crashing in secondary, and I just need to find the time to bottle that.

The Coconut Curry Hefeweizen is bottled and will be fully carbonated sometime this week.  Frankly, that one still scares me.  It should you, too.

The next two I’m going to tackle are a big Flanders Red/American Wild ale and a Gumball Head clone of my own design.

The Flanders was inspired by the Avery Brabant and I will age that on wood I’ve soaked in pinot noir.  I want to get that going ASAP, because it’ll need to age for 2 freaking years.  When did I get all this patience?  This doesn’t sound like me….

The second one is an American wheat beer with a ton of Amarillo hops.  Three Floyds beers were available in Virginia for a short time before they figured out that they couldn’t meet demand and pulled out.  That was long enough for me to get painfully addicted to Alpha King (which they call a pale ale, but it is an amazing IPA).  While they were around, I also grew fond of their Gumball Head that shook up what I thought about the category of an American wheat.

After that?  I don’t know.  I’ll gladly take suggestions. 

I want to try to do a light summer lager.  Not because I love the style, but because it’ll be real hard to do right.

Then, when it gets really hot, it’ll be saison time.