Jul 2 2009

World Beer Festival Richmond, VA – 8/29/09


This event has been postponed until spring 2010.  The latest post about the World Beer Festival – Richmond.


I heard about this last month, but I figured it would be worth a post if you hadn’t heard about the World Beer Festival – Richmond that is being put on by All About Beer magazine on August 29, 2009.

According to their website, they’ve hosted 16 beer festivals in North Carolina, and now they are setting up an event in Virginia.  The details are pretty sparse right now, and none of the breweries have been identified.  All we know is that it will be on Brown’s Island on 8/29/09, the tickets will go on sale sometime this month, and there will be two sessions with the general admissions tickets running $40 a piece and the VIP tickets will be $75. (I’ll hold off judgment of the VIP price until I know more specifics about the bells and whistles of that ticket.)

It will be nice to have a big festival come to semi-central VA, and I look forward to seeing what breweries sign up to be part of this gig.  I’ve heard the Brown’s Island can get hot and buggy during the summer, but that is nothing I know from experience. 

The only downside for me is that James River Homebrewers Club is holding their Dominion Cup homebrew contest that same day, and I’ve volunteered to steward in that competition.  It should be a very busy day of celebrating commercial and homebrewed beer in the commonwealth, and I am looking forward to it.

I’ll let you know more as it trickles down to me….