Recently Homebrewed and Upcoming Beers

(Recent Brewings):

7/24/16 – Brett Saison (“Vinyl” – Wicked Weed “Cassette” Base Beer – 60% Pils, 40% Wheat & Oats, 100% Brett)
7/11/16 – Tart IPA (“Acidulous Hop Trip” – Collaboration with Devils Backbone Brewery)
7/8/16 – Neomexicanus IPA (“Christ in the Desert” – IPA with tons of HBC 438/Neomexicanus hop)
5/15/16 – American Pale Ale (“Shut the Damn Door” – Dale’s Pale Clone for a wedding)
5/8/16 – American IPA (“Hoppy McHopface“)
5/8/16 – Berliner Weisse (“Waterloo”)
4/23/16 – Saison (“Merican Farmhouse” – National Homebrew Competition Re-brew)
4/23/16 – Berliner Weisse (TBD – Split two ways, half on cucumbers, half on mangos)
4/16/16 – British Pale Mild (“Reckoner” – for the Three Notch’d Challenge)
3/27/16 – Norwegian Farmhouse (“Nørwegian Farmhøuse” – With Sigmund’s Voss Kveik)
3/27/16 – Solera Barrel Refill (Many Beers and Names)
1/10/16 – American Pale Ale (“Cashmere” – APA with Cashmere hops)
1/2/16 – Belgian Golden Strong (“Morningstar”)

12/27/15 – Flanders Red (“Stupid Sexy Flanders” – Small Barrel Beer)
12/6/15 – Spontaneous Ale (TBD)
11/8/15 – Russian Imperial Stout (“Russians of Unusual Size”)
11/5/15 – Cider (TBD – Spontaneously Fermented Cider)
9/17/15 – American IPA (“Cwned” – Cigar City/Vetterbrew Challenge)
8/15/15 – American IPA (“3N IPA” – Galaxy/Mosaic IPA for Three Notch’d Challenge)
7/26/15 – Brett Rye Saison (“Things Can Only Get Bretta”)
7/26/15 – Czech Dark Lager (“CDL” – Tmavy Lezak)
6/20/15 – Rauchbier – (“Up in Smoke” – Using homemade smoked malt)


(On Deck To Brew):
Czech Dark Lager
Southern Brewer Hop Kölsch


Older Brews (2012 and older):

Citra American IPA – (Not Yet Named)
American Brown Ale – (Not Yet Named)
Black Rye IPA (Winner of Championship Rnd of the Iron Brewer comp) – “You’ll Shoot Your Rye Out”
Amarillo Wet Hop Ale – “Rode Hard and Put Up Wet”
Kriek – “Up on Cripple Kriek”
Aardbei – (Not Yet named)
Scottish 70/- – “Piper Down v1.1”
Mead – (Not Yet named)
Roggenbier (For Batch 2 of the Iron Brewer competition) – “Roggen’s Heroes”
Organic Saison with Blue Agave Nectar – “Saison Tequilana”
Schwarzbier – “Dark Helmet”
Bohemian Pils – “Czech Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself”
Organic American Wheat with Rakau Hops – “Haka”
Mr. Beer Experiment (Batch #1) West Coast PA – (Not yet named)
American IPA – “Lazarus”
Scottish 80/- – “Piper Down”
Perry – “Perrydise By The Dashboard Light”
Tripel – “Triple Lindy”
Bourbon-Oak Aged Tripel – Churchill Downs
American Pale Ale (A Virginia “estate” ale made from all Virginian ingredients) – “Sic Semper Tyrannis”
Lambic (using Bugfarm IV) – Split for the Kriek and Aardbei above
Northern Brown Ale w/ Black Japonica Rice – “Rice Burner”
Dark Saison with Brett C – “Black Orpheus”
Dark Saison with Brett C on white grapes – “Bacchus”
Eis-Barleywine – “Duncan’s Teeth”
Bacon (Dry-Porked) Smoked Baltic Porter – “Dry-Porked”
Smoked Baltic Porter (For the Iron Brewer competition)
– “Slow Motion Walter, the Fire Engine Guy” (3rd place in first round of the National Homebrew Competition in 2011)
California Common (Made with Starr Hill for the GABF Pro-Am competition) – “McSteamy”
Black IPA – “Moor is Better”
Belgian Pale Ale – “They’re Filming Midgets”
Berliner Weisse – “Waterloo”
American Pale Ale – “Citra Ass Down”
Flanders Red – “Tobias Funke”  (1st place in first round of the National Homebrew Competition in 2011)
Imperial IPA – “Hoptmization”
Chai Milk Stout – “Lakshmi”
Doppelbock – “Procrastinator”
Eisbock – “Fargin Eishole”  (3rd place in first round of the National Homebrew Competition in 2010 and 2011) (Bronze Medal NHC 2011 Final Round)
Lambic Cider – “Lambicide”
Brett Saison – Monsoon Season (Won 1st Place for Category 16 in The Bruery’s Batch 300 competition)
American Stout – “Smell the Glove”