Jan 3 2011

Barlow Brewing 2010 Homebrew Year in Review

2011 is here and, like my Barlow Brewing 2009 Homebrew Year in Review, it is time to look back at 2010 and see what the hell happened.

On the surface of things, 2010 was a very off year in homebrewing for me. I usually shoot for at least 60 gallons of beer per year, and I have no problems exceeding that number. Last year was a lot lower, 69 gallons versus 2009’s119 gallons, but life and work took priority over my homebrew hobby, as they should.

But it was big homebrewing year for me in two regards:

I got the honor of making a California Common Pro-Am beer for the GABF with Starr Hill. That was an amazing experience and well worth the hiatus I took afterwards. If I really wanted to cheat, I could add those 360 gallons to my total and figure that I made 429 gallons last year. But this post is about homebrewing.

The second achievement is that I had a beer and a cider make it to the Final Round of the National Homebrew Competition. The beer was my “Procrastinator” doppelbock that I co-brewed with my friend Greg B, and the cider was one that I had made over 2 years ago on a whim.

Anyway, an interesting review for me, and I’m sure it will inform my 2011 brewing.

Number of Batches Made – 14

Number of Gallons Made – 69

First Brew Day – 1/24/2010

Last Brew Day – 12/18/2010

Number of Beer Batches – 11 (10 ales and 1 lager)

Number of Cider/Perry Batches – 3

BJCP Homebrew Competitions Medals Earned – Nine (2 Gold, 3 Silver, 4 bronze, and a beer and a cider advanced to the final round of the National Homebrew Competition)

Batch with Highest Alcohol – 11.64% – Eis-Barleywine

Batch with Lowest Alcohol – 4.7% – Berliner Weisse “Waterloo”

Average Alcohol Across Batches – 6.7%

Favorite Brew – “Tobias Funke” Flanders Red (Very sour Belgian Dark Strong base that shot past an Oud Bruin into a Flanders Red)

Favorite Brew (Runner Up) – “Citra Ass Down” American Pale Ale (a simple APA showcasing Citra hops. Citra is amazing late addition hop)

Worst Brew – “Lakshmi” Chai Milk Stout (A good beer for a few months until diacetyl crept in and made it a butter bomb)

Favorite Name – “Tobias Funke” – Flander Red (Arrested Development reference)

Favorite Name (Runner Up) – “Duncan Keith’s Teeth” Eis-Barleywine (After Duncan Keith, who lost seven teeth in one game of the hockey playoffs.)

Approximate Amount of Grain used in 2010 – 151 pounds (average of 13.7 lbs/brew)

Approximate Amount of Hops used in 2010 – 37.25 ounces, or 2.32 pounds (average of 3.38 oz/brew)

Biggest Equipment Upgrade – Nothing major. I’m shooting pure oxygen into my cooled wort now.)

Biggest Trend – Only One Lager (I don’t know what happened here. My only lager was the smoked Baltic porter I did for the Iron Brewer competition. It was good. Perhaps this speaks to my patience…)

Biggest Trend (Runner Up) – Black Ales – (A Black IPA, a Black Saison, and a Northern Brown with Black Japonica rice)