Kid Rock’s Bad Ass Beer

Kid Rock is making his own beer. 

Really, do I need to go on? 

Of course, I do.  There are so many quotes to be had from the Rolling Stone interview with Kid Rock:

“It just tastes like good American light beer, a regular beer and a light beer, an everyday beer.”

Wow.  You are selling the shit out of that.  How do I sign up?  Where can I, too, purchase this decadent elixir?

Where this really becomes ponderous is the train wreck of a marketing campaign that “Bad Ass” beer will become:

“It’s going to be called Bad Ass Beer. The ads are so funny. There are so many funny ads you can do with a thing called Bad Ass Beer. There’s one where it looks like the Budweiser horses, and they’re all up in the air, just freaked out, like they went haywire, and whatever they ride on is smashed up, and it just has my beer sitting in the front, it says “Bad Ass.” And “…and the horses they rode in on.” There’s another one where we fuck with Corona. We have an old rusty truck with no tires on it and it’s sitting on the Bad Ass beer, and it says, “The only way you’ll ever see a lemon on it.” We’ve got another one with the Bad Ass beer simulating like it’s fucking the St. Pauli’s girl. We’re all doing it locally with an ad agency here in Detroit that does a lot of car ads. The guy lives next to me and runs my favorite bar here. They come up with really funny stuff. It’s just wide-open for fucking with people. And the beer actually tastes good, there’s no aftertaste.”

Every freaking sentence that Kid Rock slurs out should be followed by (sic). 

This campaign could set back beer marketing by years, but I’m most interested to see how the macros will counter the ads.  Will they stoop to Rock’s level?  Or will they take the high, but misleading, road of the “triple-hopped” marketing?

I’m actually really looking forward to this.  I’m excited.  This going to be a hot mess, and I cannot wait to review Bad Ass beer when it arrives sometime around Labor Day. 

It bears repeating:

“And the beer actually tastes good, there’s no aftertaste.”

Fuck yeah.






6 Responses to “Kid Rock’s Bad Ass Beer”

  • murph Says:

    Is it possible to throw up in your own mouth, PRE-EMPTIVELY?

  • Jughead Says:

    How have we lived w/o the marketing genius for so long?

  • American Badass Redneck Triage | Barlow Brewing Says:

    […] What more is there to say?  It is American.  It is Badass.  It is Redneck.  It is a lager.  All of those things are fine individually, but only Kid Rock could pull them together to make magic.  And how could the label NOT look like a belt buckle. […]

  • Ben Says:

    Geesh, I hate you feel that way. I went to the shows. Sold out both nights. It was so over the top. Jets overhead. Pyros going off. 40,000+ two nights in a row. Badass Beer was a huge hit. “it was a “soft launch” they said. Yeah right. There were 30-50 people waiting in every line. I counted like 12 but I heard there were 15-20 places selling it. The guy selling Bud said they are outselling us like 10 for 1 or 2. Then he said he was happy they sold out. All of it. That would be over 50000 beers. Hate you missed the “marketing genius.” 3 out of 4 loved it so they’re saying on his fan site. Even the guy selling Bud said he bought some over at Chelis and liked it! By the way, the posters said Badass American Lager. I guess they figured they ould offend a Kid Rock fan. Yeah right!

  • Barlow Brewing Says:

    Thanks for the comment, Ben. And I’m glad you enjoyed the shows.

    I’m not against Kid Rock, and I’m certainly an American who is happy to see new businesses and new jobs created (especially right now.) But as a beer lover, I think the market is saturated with American-style light lagers. It is a style that is done quite badly by most macro-brewers, and ends up marketed and made like beers designed to get people drunk rather than for them to enjoy.

    Does the U.S. need another McDonald’s or Burger King? If Kid Rock wanted to get behind some unique, I’d gladly wish him well. But we have enough McLagers.

  • Ben Says:

    I couldn’t agree more. It is marketing and taking advantage of popularity. Even Kid himself said, “People that like premium beers and Guinness is theirs of choice, they will not like this. I want this to be like the beer I drink. You grab it, you share it with your friends, it’s refreshing, it’s cold, it gives you a good buzz. Done.”

    As you said, not for the true beer lover. At the same time, as he says, “The People’s Beer…My People.”

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