Oatmeal Stout Batch 2009 – “O2”

So, I made an oatmeal stout last year and I was not happy with it.  It wasn’t bad, really.  It just turned out more like a boring stout.


What’s different this time?  Well, I tweaked the recipe a bit and did this one all grain.  The first one was a partial mash, so I didn’t have complete control over the grains.  Another thing I did is that I toasted the oats for a while.  After putting them in the oven at about 300°, for longer than I expected, they began to brown and give off a nice toasty aroma.


I’m happy with this one so far.  It is a fairly common misconception that oatmeal stouts taste oaty (yeah, basically I take any word I want nowadays and add a “y” to the end of it and pretend it is real.  Deal.) or have a real oat aroma.  Oats don’t come through in that way.  They merely give a soft, roundness to the beer.  Almost a silkily, oily feel.


I think that came through and I’m surprised by the nice chocolate note at the end.  (No, no actual chocolate harmed during the brewing of this beer.)


This one is “O2”, because it is my second attempt to dial this style in.  No real name for it yet.  Most commercial brewers are really boring about naming their oatmeal stouts.  Usually the naming convention is “[insert brewery’s name]’s Oatmeal Stout”.  The previous version I made was called Cereal Killer.  I loved that, and hurt himself patting my own back, I’ve since learned that there is a brewery that uses that name.  Bastards. 


The BJCP style guideline for an Oatmeal Stout (if you wanna geek down).


Feedback is wonderful, and the ante for the next batch.  Bottles (other than the gentle returning of these bottles) are not needed at this time.


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