Bacon Cures Hangovers

It bears repeating: Bacon Cures Hangovers.

Researchers from Newcastle University’s Centre for Life have found that bacon, which is full of amino acids, helps to boost your metabolism when dealing with the morning after of a night of quaffing delicious beer. Read the full article here.

Is there anything that bacon CAN’T do? It makes salads and sandwiches better. Hell, it is a food enhancer. These guys should have little capes on them. Maybe capes made of cheese…..but I digress.

Since I’m a schemer, how can I further marry these two passions of mine? Cave Creek makes a chili beer that is full on disgusting. It is Mexican lager beer with a chili pepper “lovingly dropped, by hand, in every bottle”. It’s like drinking napalm and then scrubbing your teeth with steel wool.

But what if you put a slice a bacon in each bottle?

Someone needs to make this happen.



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