What exactly am I trying to do here?

Here’s the short version: I’m setting up this blog to record my goal of developing a better palate for beer.

I love beer, and I’ve been a homebrewer since the mid-90’s, but I don’t know if I have always had a strong and perceptive palate. I’ve always known what I liked, but the ability to pick out and describe those nuanced flavors was not something I had fully developed. So here I am.

The format moving forward will be pretty elastic. I might write a review that is in the static Appearance, Aroma, Taste, etc. format. I might turn around and write the next review like a short essay. I’ll be trying out different styles until I find one that “fits” me, and maybe I will switch things up dependent upon the beer.

I can also guarantee that my opinions will be remarkably inconsistent. Sometimes commercial beers have quality control issues and sometimes they change recipes, but that is definitely a rarity. Most of the time it will be changes in me. My tastes have changed and I’ve, like many beer lovers, have gone from being a hophead to a malthead to a sourhead and beyond. I will revisit beers that I will have professed my undying love for, and I will be disappointed with them. I will try beers that have not impressed me in the past and they might finally “click” with my taste buds or mood at the time.

I would hope the reviews to this blog will become increasingly smooth and more polished as I go along. No promises though.

If you have feedback, send me something through the Contact page.

Welcome aboard and go to your local bottle shop and try something new.


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