American Brown Ale Batch 2008 – Cleopatra Jones – “AB”

Another one of my emails to descrbe a home brew batch. – jb

This is an American Brown Ale.

To muddy things, there are four styles of brown: Mild, Northern English Brown, Southern English Brown and American Brown. Milds and Southern Browns are harder to find on this side of the pond. The Northern Browns are your Newcastles, Hobgoblins and Sam Smith Nut Browns. Commercial examples of the American Brown are Bells’ Best Brown, Smuttynose Old Dog Brown, Brooklyn’s Brown, etc.

This version is bigger and hoppier than the English versions. It has characteristics of pale ales, but it should be firmly grounded in a malty base. There should be hints of chocolate, caramel, nut and toast. It’ll have a dark malt character, but you shouldn’t feel like you are drinking something that is tickling the bottom of a porter.

Homebrewed versions of this are usually bolder than the commercial examples. This one is no exception. To get all the flavor out of this, little it warm up a little and have it as the first drink of the night. To get even more, have it with something grilled. The caramelized flavors will jive really well.

I’ve done one thing different with this email in that I’ve attached my recipe (for giggles.) It may make sense or it may all be Greek, but I thought it would be fun to throw it out there every once and a while.

I tried a bottle this last night and I’m very, very happy with it. It was just what I was shooting for and very drinkable.

The name of this one came to me quickly. I wanted something bold, brown, and uniquely American. I immediately started thinking about the blaxploitation films of the 70s. There was lots of Pam Greer goodness, but I ended up calling it “Cleopatra Jones”.

Feedback – It’s rude not to.
Bottles – I’ll start taking them again if you have them.


The BJCP guideline the American Brown Ale.


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